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First Grade


The First Grade Teachers for the 2017-2018 School year are:

Mrs. Anna Hughes
Mrs. Heather Williams
Mrs. Leighann Odenbaugh
Mrs. Danielle Coleman Sub: Kim Pope
Ms. Gaby Gonzales
First Grade 2019 2020 Team


Please plan to attend Back to School Night on Wednesday, August 21st in the evening. We look forward to telling you more about first grade there!


CLASS DOJO/ Parent Square

All First Grade teachers have a class dojo site where we update parents on AVID/ Homework Expectations, but NOT messages. PLEASE make sure you have signed up with your child's teacher to make sure you are staying informed. We will be using Parent Square to communicate. Please sign up for that as well. 


The first grade teachers here at Three Rings Ranch Elementary school want to welcome you to a new school year! We have been working hard prepping and planning all summer long. This year we are looking forward to learning so many new things along with our students! We appreciate your taking the time to get your child settled into the "back to school routine". Communication is very important to all of us. Don't hesitate to contact us through email with any questions or concerns you may have.

Here is our first grade symbaloo page. All items on here are student safe and teacher approved. There are some items that require a subscription for home use. If your child knows their password and it has been approved by their teacher then that area is open for learning.


The first grade teachers have worked hard to develop a homework folder that supports your child’s learning at home. You will find many helpful resources that mirror those that are used in your child’s classroom. Below and on the back, you will find: 1. Homework requirements, 2. Homework supplies, 3. Weekly Newsletter, 4. and Homework folder supports. Please contact your child’s teacher for more information.


Homework Requirements

  1. 15 Minutes of Nightly Reading: Your child will bring home a Book Buddy Bag with several leveled books inside each Monday. Your child should read these books to you each night and return on Friday.

  2. 10 Minutes of Skills Practice: Your child will bring home a Homework Folder on Monday with a weekly newsletter. Your child will return his/her homework folder DAILY!

  3. Families are required to sign AVID folders Daily


Homework Supplies

Dry Erase Markers: Please use dry erase markers to practice on the plastic sheets.  You will need to purchase a dry erase marker for use with homework. DO NOT use permanent markers, crayons or pen on the sheets.

Spiral Notebook:  Please provide your child with a spiral notebook to practice math, spelling words and/or sentences. (Keep at home)


Weekly Newsletter

Each week, your child will receive a Weekly Newsletter in the Homework Folder. The Weekly Newsletter will have weekly information: Spelling Words, High Frequency Words, Reading, Writing/Grammar, Math and Calendar. The back of the Newsletter will include a Math Spiral Review page.


Homework Folder Supports

  1. Guidelines are given for how to use the folder. Please see your child's teacher if you have more questions. 

  2. Trimester Skills Checklist: The basics of what your child should know by the end of each trimester in Reading, Writing, and Math.

  3. Technology: All Parent/Student login information for apps available on our symbaloo page:

  4. Path of Motion: Letter formation practice for penmanship.

  5. Sound/Spelling Card Work Board: May be used to practice spelling and writing with your white board marker.

  6. 120s Charts: There is a filled in 120s chart and a blank 120s chart to practice number sense and base ten.

  7. Ten Frames: Use counters, beans… in the ten frame boxes.

  8. High Frequency Words: High Frequency Words are meant to be read quickly (within 3 seconds). Most cannot be stretched out. There are 7 lists; start with the first list and move on when your child is ready. Look on the Newsletter for the current week’s High Frequency Words.

  9. Language Arts Choice Boards: Look on the Newsletter for the current week’s Spelling, Reading, and Writing skills. Use the Language Arts Choice Boards as needed to practice skills.

  10. Math Choice Boards: Look on the Newsletter for the current week’s Math Skills. Use the corresponding Math Choice Boards as needed to practice skills.


How can you volunteer?

Volunteers are angels sent to make our lives as teachers just that much better. We love volunteers in any form, at any time.

  • Weekly Classroom Volunteer
    • Read with student
    • Teacher prep help
    • Art
    • Small Group
  • Take Home Work
  • Field Trip Chaperone
  • Donations


Beaumont Unified School District requires all volunteers to be approved through a fingerprinting and TB test process.

  • Please check with the front office for how you can sign up to volunteer digitally. 
  • Let the teacher know how and when you can help.


  • First grade teachers request that each child come with their own headphones. 
  • Lakeshore Gift Card

  • Walmart Gift Card

  • Kleenex*

  • Wipes*

  • Glue Sticks*

  • Jumbo Craft Sticks

  • Googly Eyes

  • Glitter

  • Cotton Balls

  • Q-Tips

  • Assorted Buttons

  • Chutes & Ladders game

  • Scrabble game

  • Scrabble Jr. game

  • Candyland game

  • Hi! Ho! Cherry-Oh! Game

  • Sandwich Baggies

  • Gallon Sized Freezer Bags

  • Brown Paper Lunch Bags

  • Paper Plates

  • Pom Poms

  • Stickers

  • Blank Note Cards

Although supplies are not required, it is very helpful if each student could send in each of the starred * items.



Please cut out and save box tops for our school. We have a friendly competition among the classrooms for who can collect the most box tops. The first grade teachers love the bonus money we get to spend for our classrooms. The more each class can collect the better for our school! Thank you for your support!