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Science Fair Information


Science Fair is right around the corner.  The Science Fair Packet with all the information was sent home a couple of weeks ago.  Parents please note the bulk of the project will be done at home.  Teachers will introduce the Scientific Method and conduct a sample experiment in class.  Below are some important links. Please take some time to check them out. The links have examples of Science Fair Projects to help you come up with something original that's your own. This information can also be found on our TRR website under the student tab. Just click on "Science Fair." You can print a copy of the packet that was sent home if you lost yours, directly from the website or you can print one using the links below.

Science Fair Important Dates


Science Fair Project deadline to turn in date -

TRR Science Fair Date -

District competition -


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Science Fair 2020-Project Outline/Headlines for the project board Link

(Copy paste and use these headings to create your board.)


Science Fair Packet 2020 Link (sent home)


So how do I  win you ask?

Here are some tips...

Make sure your  project is an original and not a cheap copy.  

Ask yourself, "Is my project practical and useful, something that can solve a real world problem?"

Remember the judges have seen it all and they're looking for something out of the box.

Follow the guidelines in the packet sent home.

Make sure you have covered information in all areas as shown in the Science Fair 

Project Outline/Headings for the board (links below)

You must test something! This is not just an informational board. You need to have conducted a Science experiment.

Take lots of pictures and collect evidence. 

Show your data- graphs, numbers, tables, charts ...

Keep it simple! 

One example of a recent winning project was that of a project that tested which Expo color marker wrote the best and could be seen from a distance. 

Don't forget to keep a journal. Include the Abstract or short summary.

Most important of all, have fun with it!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please let me know if I can help in any way. 

Don’t forget  to join us for the Science Fair Parent Night


Let's have some fun and do some Science!