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Volunteer Opportunities

 Complete the front and back of the Volunteer application if you are a new volunteer. If you are returning volunteer, current volunteer, or BUSD employee complete the front only. A new application must be completed every school year for every volunteer and for every school.
 Check mark the appropriate box above your name regarding your volunteer status.
 Obtain the signature of the teacher whose classroom you plan on volunteering in.
 Give the application to the secretary or volunteer representative at the school. They will obtain the signature of the principal. Once the signature has been obtained, they will call you and instruct you to pick up your application. If you are a returning volunteer, current volunteer, or BUSD employee, they will forward the application to the District Office for processing.
 If you are a new volunteer, once you receive your application contact the District receptionist at 845-1631 x5318 to pick up authorization forms to get your fingerprints taken. You need to bring your signed application and state issued photo ID to your fingerprint appointment. The fingerprints are taken on designated days at the Beaumont Police Department.
 You will be given a TB Voucher by the Receptionist at the District Office when you pick up paperwork for fingerprinting.
 You may submit a negative TB test with your application, but it may be no more than 60 days old. If you are currently employed by another school district, you may submit a negative TB test as long as it has been done within the last four years. This is per our Board Policy/Administrative Regulation 1240.
 Once you have been approved by the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, the school site will be notified. Please be advised that you are not approved to be on site as a volunteer until you receive the notification from the site.
 Please allow ten business days for processing. Thank you for volunteering with our School District. We value your time and contribution to our children’s educational experience.